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Back to Cancun

There will be a lot of beach photos to show for my time in Playa del Carmen. That and relaxing memories. Despite hours and hours of walking, when it’s a beach, it’s just by default relaxing!

There were unfortunately a lot of rainy days and some gray weather. On the good side it didn’t rain while I visited the Mayan ruins at Tulum. On the bad side, for the most part, the skies that day were about as flat and gray as the stones of the ruins. It was disappointing, but who wants to read a sob story. Have seen a lot if ruins this trip but nothing by the sea. Maybe again some day.

I took a tour rather than going it on my own because I was just too wiped out to wing it. That tour in the end was an eye opener as the bus came back through the resort area. Uhm wow… So not my thing. If I thought the main street was contrived then I had seen nothing yet. My comparatively simple Holiday Inn at the edge of the gated resort area was more than enough for me and way more luxury than I normally afford myself, but the only people on the bus who weren’t in the resort other than me had taken the ferry from Cozumel. Wow… I know there are other simpler travelers but apparently greatly outnumbered around here.

Last day in Playa del Carmen, the sun would come and go but absent the rain, I had no complaints. I walked a lot of the beach and took tons of photos. I even got myself to sit for awhile. I may have lasted 30 minutes before going on the move again.

I also spent the day with my iPod ear buds in place. I rarely do this in travel mode. It just feels odd to me to go somewhere new and blot out part of the experience, but when every five feet a vendor of some description is trying to get your attention, well, it preserved my sanity. This is not a shopping trip for me. I’ve barely purchased a thing that wasn’t for immediate consumption. And yelling at me to visit your store is a sure fire way to get me to pass it!

After five nights there, it was time to move on back here to Cancun. I sort of wish I’d booked a little more time on the beach, but there’s no reverse on this bus unless you count the fact that I’m right back in the same hotel the tour ended in? Fell into a devil you know category and the Radisson is an easy walk from the bus station. Will come in handy when it’s time to head for the airport!

I spent today wandering downtown after a morning of rain. The first direction I went seemed more “real” for lack of a better word. The sidewalks were more mud puddle than concrete and the world smelled like a wet dog. Having had my fill I retraced my steps and walked in the opposite direction until I saw a sign for a movie theater. I thought what the heck and went inside. It turned out to be a huge mall that would have been at home in any city in America. Still no purchases but I enjoyed a good air conditioned mall walk. I contemplated early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen or Chili’s but talked myself out of it in the end. It was a longer walk back than I remembered so more glad I skipped a heavy meal.

All in all an interesting walk. The differences in a few blocks were startling to say the least.

I’ve two more days left before returning home. One I plan to finally see Isla Mujeres. I hope to go Monday but the weather suggests Tuesday is a better option. I’ll see what it looks like in the morning.


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    1. George,

      Will drop you a note – glad you enjoyed my blog posts! The ones here are written almost exclusively on the road so I fear I never read them later without finding some typos, etc, but my original (and still primary) goal for these blogs is to have something to read later that takes me back to these travels mentally! It's been an added bonus that others enjoy reading them, too! Thanks!

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