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First for just an FYI, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m selling prints of some of my shots at Imagekind, a print on demand service.  These are nice prints and you can get them professionally matted and framed by the same service.

Feel free to spread the word.  If there are shots you’ve seen here that you are seriously interested in but I haven’t put up prints for sale, let me know.

Meanwhile life is life. The knee has not acted up badly but it continues to aggravate.  After three weeks on the pain medicine, my poor stomach could take no more.  I should have known this would happen as I’ve had this reaction from mere aspirin before.  I took a few days off wondering how my knee would do without it.  To my happy surprise, it never returned to the level where I couldn’t climb stairs, which gives me some hope, but it also was not 100% better and by Friday last week, the knee pain was enough I decided to try over the counter… yep, you guessed it stomach howling again.  So, I called the doctor today and moved up my first of April appointment to this week.  Time to see if I can go ahead and get moved on to see a specialist and get an MRI or whatever is necessary to see what we can do about this.  Meds are not the answer…

On a happer note, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers have a new album coming out this week.  Being a fan, I of course pre-ordered.  Now, the album doesn’t come out until Thursday, so I figured, I’d see it early next week.  Oh no, surprise, showed up in my mailbox today.  As if the world knows when you’ve been kicked around enough to make it up a little!  Yayy!!

And they also come here in late April.  Of course a weeknight.  We’ve been lucky enough to have one Friday night in years in the ATL, but I still plan to be down front, as usual, bouncing and hopping, maybe crying when my knee snaps, but damn, I’m looking forward to it!

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