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Day 4 – Edinburgh – Afternoon

I’m SO TIRED. My feet ache like I can’t believe. I just stopped at a Boots and paid an exorbitant (when changed to dollars) amount for some arch supports before my feet just die. When I walk at home, I do about 2 miles in half an hour. Supposing I’m coming close to that walking speed at least part of the time… what maybe 6 to 8 miles a day?? It’s hard to factor in the time when I’m standing still in front of an exhibit.

I think I was a little underwhelmed with Edinburgh Castle. It might have helped if I’d had a live guide, but when I got there, the sign indicated the next one was at 12:45, so I went about on my own, came back about 15 after 12pm figuring on stopping in the gift shop for a bit… sign now said next tour at 1:30pm… uhm… huh? No one to ask and I had seen about half the castle on my own now. So, I went back and toured the rest on my own. I went to see the Honours of Scotland. I don’t think I have ever encountered such rude-pushy tourists. The rooms are laid out with very little elbow room. If I stood back, the steady stream kept me from reading the commentary. If I stood forward, I got battered by everyone. Hello, why are you coming to see something if you don’t even vaguely stop on your way through? I found myself getting very agitated. The Honours themselves were awesome – just hated no photography. Meant to find a postcard, but by the time I was done, I was done. I did buy a couple of souvenirs but I hadn’t even thought of that part anymore.

I went down the Royal mile and did a little more souvenir shopping before coming back towards the hostel. I’m going to grab something to eat (3:30pm and I haven’t eaten since 10am). I figure then back to the hostel to prop my feet up and read for awhile.

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