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Day One’s Conclusion & Begin Day Two – London 2005

It’s morning of Day 2 in London. Had a nice breakfast in the Hostel. I never did that last time, but I got up early enough this morning that I could. Right now I have a room to myself. The room I booked is a six bed room “en-suite” – which refers to the fact that there’s a bath in that room instead of totally dorm style. I’m assuming over the course of 5 more nights, that won’t be the case, but I’m not complaining while it is! I thought I booked a 4 bed ensuite, but I remember some indecision about that, so who knows. Either way, getting some total quiet last night was awesome for a first night in town.

After yesterday’s post, I went and saw the National Portrait Gallery. Spent far more time there than I had expected to. I had thought that I might make it to the 9:30pm showing of the Tempest at Shakespeare’s Globe. But I didn’t get there in time. On the good side, I know where it is now. I also had a fun walk along the Thames from Westminster down to the Globe and back. Took what I think are some great night shots (we’ll see when I can see them full size on a computer screen) of St. Paul’s, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey.

Oh, the National Portrait Gallery is a must-do if you have time. It’s arranged historically, so all the paintings and (later photos, etc.) are in the context of their times. You see contemporaries grouped together and learn the history of those times. I had thought it was just a side-stop, but it was totally worth the time I spent there.

Anyway, after only one afternoon here, I’ve already half walked myself to death. And the fun hasn’t ended yet!

Not sure what I’m doing today. In 45 minutes, there’s a tour that does both the area around Buckingham Palace as well as Westminster Abbey (after lunch), but the first part is supposed to be a great photo opportunity. BUT I’ve done all that before and it’s a steady yucky rain outside this morning. The afternoon is supposed to fair off. I’m thinking I may just go find a gallery this morning and do something outside in the afternoon. Tomorrow is a trip to Leeds Castle & Canterbury. Looking forward to that and it’s my only planned trip out of the city this time.

Well, whatever I’m doing, I better make a run for it.


  1. Did you see the portrait that looks like there's just some streak across the bottom but if you look at it from a sharp side angle you can see a skull? It's neat. That's pretty much what I remember from the portrait gallery.Kaysi

  2. Dear friend,I wholeheartedly agree with your missive. You're insights into travels are both insightful, witty and downright boring. Please cease and stop, because whenever i read you're "stuff", i gradually get older, you know, like wrinkles and stuff. Seriously dude, i look like prune after ten hours in the tub! And mate, ive gotta pick up women! How am i meant to do so when my face looks like a dropped pie!!?? Huh?? Answer me that!!!!! If you want to see a real site, check out It contains many entertaining stories about mcgyver vs hasselhoff and etc….Just kidding mate, you're allright. Just ribbing ya. Your next door neighbourRed.

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