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Dispatches From Dublin

Wow, it’s been nearly a month since my last update!  The main reason for this post is that I’ve completed my photos from Dublin, but I realize for anyone who doesn’t check Facebook, you may not know I ever got back!  It was a mostly uneventful return.  I did manage to leave my power adapter and a USB cord behind in the hostel.  Some people leave their heart places, I appear to leave other bits behind…  I actually remembered it on the train to the airport but did the math for what the train ticket cost me and realized I’d come out ahead just buying replacements rather than turning around.  The airport in Paris was…  an experience…  I have experienced a good number of airports in multiple countries.  From the cold and mechanical experience with security in Frankfurt to the cattle treatment at Atlanta Hartsfield, this was the first time I experienced someone who was personally hateful.  I actually spoke back to him which I rarely do in these situations!  I’ll save the details, but I was happy to be bound for the states!  My last gift from France was a lingering cough that turned into an infection.  This has not been a healthy winter for me.  So much for lowering my stress and becoming healthier!   But a good round of antibiotics and steroids and all better, which allowed me to begin working on my Ireland photos in earnest!

Mark’s Dublin Gallery

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