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Down Home

Longggggg week at work. I was planning to do “flex time” – i.e. work 40 hours in 4 days to have a long weekend. Not for fun per se. I had a dentist appointment today (and yes, my Dentist is here until he retires) and I also ended up needing rear brake bads replaced, so I got my car in at mechanic here today.

I say I was planning because as it turned out, I would have worked long hours anyway. In fact, I still have like 8 hours of overtime for the week and I wasn’t there at all today… jeepers! Too much insanity to describe but just one of those weeks where there was no time to breathe.

As my day off concludes, I’m pondering a road trip late this month. I haven’t been able to get myself to commit to anything else lately. I’ve looked at airfare to AZ for the twice-a-year pilgramage to Rocky Point to see RCPM and it was way high last I looked (and now it’s too close to even make plans anymore). I’ve pondered my next non-US-destination. And while Ireland and France are stand-outs in my mind, I’m not inspired at the moment.

So, I’m thinking a lot of a road trip up to Virginia. I have ancestors that landed at Jamestown in 1619. So, I’ve long had interest in going there. Then there’s Colonial Willismburg and Yorktown. Not to mention the Carolinas. hmmm… a roadtrip along the coast for a week sounds damn good. Camera at ready. Laptop packed. What else would I need??


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