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Edinburgh: Multiplicity

As beautiful as yesterday was, today was its antithesis, but I’d read as much about today’s weather.

I had a very late start. I think I stirred this morning around the appropriate time to wake-up, but I thought better of it. I didn’t actually wake up until about 10:30am local time. And by the time my lazy bones really left, it was noon. Suffice to say that lunch was breakfast today. As I’ve had much stones thrown at my boring eating habits, I hate to say where I ate, but there were arches and they were golden. If it’s any consolation, dinner last night was pizza. I passed a Mexican place on the way here… I’m sorely tempted, but Mexican in Scotland? Sure, I had it in Camden Market awhile back in London and lived to tell it… Maybe another day.

There wasn’t much else to tell from yesterday. After my e-mail, I went to the Hub, this gorgeous old church that’s now a restaurant and the, well, Hub, of all the festivals in Edinburgh. I had made my tickets “will call” so that I would have one less thing to keep up with. The line took me around half an hour. After that dinner and much sleep.

Once finally stirring and nourished today, I walked down to Holyrood palace, the Queen’s official home in Scotland. Last time I was somewhat castled out by the time I had time for Holyrood. So, it was still on my to do list. By the time I got down there, the blustery ugly day had cleared up somewhat. Little bits of blue were poking out through the dark clouds. Holyrood, for the eductational requirments today is Holy Cross essentially. The old Scots word for cross is rood. And St. Margaret was supposed to have brought a piece of the true cross here, hence the name Holyrood.

As if to illustrate Scotland’s ability to throw out multiple weather patterns a day, while inside the palace, it began to rain once more, this time with gusting winds that even had the palace’s workers peering out the windows. I’m sure everyone wonders if this could be a replay of Hogmanay a few years ago when the street party had to be canceled because of storms.

By the time I exited the palace to see the ruins of the Abbey it was clearing up for what was probably a spectacular sunset if you were in the right place, the Palace sits at the bottom, literally of the Royal mile, a long slope up to the castle, so my view was somewhat impeded. What I did see was lovely. The Abbey ruins were closed off due to the rain, but I got a good view throug the door and what I saw reminded me a lot of the Abbey ruins at Dunfermline, Scotland, from two years ago, so I guess that will suffice.

The walk back up the Royal Mile was picturesque as the sun had all but set and there was this incredibly dusky sky with the city lights on the old streets. Expecting some decent pictures from that (I hope). A bit more meandering up until now, but nothing of much note. It’s getting towards time to go eek out some dinner and back to the hotel to relax a little before heading down to the street party on Princes Street. I pretty much missed Night Afore last night. I walked through just a bit of it before dinner, but I was just way too tired and my whole body was too sore from the climb up Arthur’s Seat. So, it’s just this and maybe some of tomorrow’s activity’s. Decidely won’t be throwing myself into the River Forth (never have understood wanting to freeze to death to celebrate the New Year). I haven’t had a chance to read what all is on tomorrow. Two years ago it was a marathon and there was a pseudo dog sled event (no snow, wonder how they pull that off?) I think tomorrow is supposed to clear up, so I’m sure I’ll figure out something.

Hope everyone back home has an awesome New Year. I’ll think of you a few hours earlier. And I know I’m wild and crazy and all that, but I’ll probably be in bed by the time you see the New Year roll by!

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