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Feeling Human – Holiday Ills

I’ve gotten where I rarely report on illness, especially on social media. I just hate to be one of those woe is me people. So, if I’m ever quiet, it may be that I’m busy or it may be that I simply have nothing positive to report!

But hey, it’s my personal blog, so I might as well record it for posterity!

There have been an awful lot of holidays and birthdays in my life I’ve been sick. Such is winter for me. A time ripe with colds and coughs! And every so often they manage to morph into something a bit more. That was this years siege.

I first went to the doctor around my birthday. I could tell I was getting some sort of respiratory thing that wasn’t going to leave easily. So, I bit the bullet and went to get checked out. I left with a handful of prescriptions and a week later I was feeling pretty good. Not perfect but well enough I thought I was on the mend.

Then right around Christmas, I started to feel pretty blah again. I was getting a lot of sinus pressure at first and by Monday it was heading south into my chest again. Next Doctor’s visit please! And by the way, don’t ever look up your symptoms online, one of the suggestions for mine was, I kid you not, the plague!

So, the morning of New Year’s Eve found me at the doctor again. A longer round of antibiotics this time and he recommended trying Zyrtec as he believes these infections ultimately began as allergies. Which I wouldn’t doubt as that’s how many of my sinus infections of the past have started, just most of the allergy ones were in pollen season. Given the amount of wet weather we’ve had this year, probably more likely mold and mildew.

So, to bed New Year’s Eve with my medicines. And even though I didn’t feel perfect that evening, it was the first time in days that I didn’t feel like my head was going to pop. So, off to bed I went. The first New Year’s Eve in my memory that I didn’t at least watch the ball drop on TV.

And funny enough the world didn’t come to a violent end as a result. It was still January 1st when I awoke the next day. So, hello 2014!

I feel like a fuddy duddy admitting I slept through the New Year, but a couple of days later and I’m beginning to feel human again, so I think that sleep was well worth it in the end. 2014 is off to a slow start but I’m thankful to be feeling more like myself again, so no complaints here!

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