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How Can a Wednesday Feel Like a Monday?

I think I fall into the trap of not blogging everytime I come back from a trip. Everyday observations may not be as fun, but every so often, just writing down your thoughts can be cathartic and a little gem of words might crop up. You never know.

I spent the earlier part of the evening doing such fun things as laundry (waiting to be folded now) and paying bills. There’s some perverse little side of me that takes joy in sitting down with the bills and getting them all paid. I don’t think its the act of spending money as much as the being able to meet the bills without wondering how to make ends meet. It’s a luxury that all too many don’t have.

And at the same time, I dream of the day that I’ve paid off the car and my student loan In my mind, that’s T-minus two years. If it takes longer, I may pop. At the moment, that’s my debt in this world. Sure, there’s the house, but with the equity in it, as long as the housing market doesn’t go pop, I could sell it for a profit, so it’s not debt, really in the sense of the word that the rest is.

Yet, for all these grandiose dreams, I find myself always spending money on frivolity. Sure, I have those little inner wars. Should I go to Italy? was a long one. The crispy side kept saying save the money, but the frosted side said that life was too short to listen to the crispy side. Guess which side won? Oh wait, you saw the blogs from Italy…

And the trip is paid off, so now it’s time for the dental bills. Granted, that’s not exactly a luxury item, but it’s just one more thing.

Anyway, the weekend was nice. I managed to finally lose all the stitches and started vaguely moving to more solid food. An apple is still too lofty a goal, but I even managed a very slow and methodical Zaxby’s club on Sunday night and by Wednesday, Mexican with a friend.

Saturday night was the monthly meeting of the Atlanta Gallifreyan’s. A few days previous I was highly doubtful, I’d attend. It was a fun evening. Granted, I’d already seen the Christmas special of Doctor Who (the new series), but it was fun seeing with a group (who had largely also already seen it – got to love the modern file sharing world).

Sunday was a stop-by Chris’ to get my backlog of comics (from before Christmas and which I’m still reading). Saw a bit of Red Planet with him on Sci Fi before scooting. Then to the bookstore… Yes, I had a collective of like $80 worth of comics, and then I went to bookstores (yes, plural). I had not managed to get a 2006 calendar yet. That’s long been an exercise after the new year when suddenly a calendar for a year only a few days in is now half off. The thing was, this year the year was three weeks in and my trips and dental work and all had put me behind.

So, welcome to the first year in like 15 or more that I don’t have a Star Trek calendar on my wall. Frighteningly, I’ll live…. Instead, my office has a 365 days of Great Britain calendar and my kitchen sports one for the Chronicles of Narnia.

But the danger in going to multiple bookstores for me… is… books… Doesn’t matter that I have enough books to read into retirement, I’ll always buy more. This trip I came back with a couple of gifts and two books for me (considering I stopped at four bookstores looking for calendars, that was a triumph. So, the new books? One on photography and another (a big sucker) on Sir. Christopher Wren, the architect, who among other things, was responsible for St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. What I’ve heard of him from my trips made me want to read the bio… And I probably will in 2027.

And of course, Borders gave me a coupon for 25% off before Sunday…. Do I have buys books impulsively written on my forehead?

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