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Life is But a Dream

First, one I’ve meant to share for a week:

I’ve passed that sign at a church on the way to work about this time of the year every year since I bought my house. And every year, I want to know are they selling a lot of kids or just really large ones? And aren’t there laws against that sort of thing?

Meanwhile, I’ve opened up the week on a strong note. I was going to be at work late anyway trying to complete (and failing) research for a big customer. In between waiting for reports to generate, I went and tried to help (mostly moral support) a couple of friends who were there late getting ready for a huge customer visit today. In the end, I’d have left sooner as I could see my stuff wasn’t getting done. But the whole helping them thing got in the way. We all left at 11pm. I would have left even if they weren’t because this was about the point that my massive migraine hit. Luckily these are rare for me, but this one was to the point of nausea…

I came in, took a pile of pills, turned on the aquarium (poor fish), and came upstairs, checked messages for a few minutes, and then collapsed, literally leaving on every light downstairs including the aquarium lights. I knew they were on, but my body rejected the notion of going back downstairs violently.

Glad to say that the headache has passed and I woke up sooner than I’d have expected. We have our own customer visit to prepare for tomorrow and Thursday, so don’t be surprised if tonight is a late one…

So many half complete projects that I’ve GOT to take care of. Trim painting to complete in the stair well and the little matter of a bare computer chassis and such in here. Nevermind the back-up of household tasks…

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