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Living With The Darkness

I think I may well have been one of the few who took note of Earth Hour in one of Georgia’s newest “cities” – Johns Creek.

On one of my typically many tangents, I find it hard to accept this as anything more than a tax district.  There’s no city center and no real history. The history that was here was tiny little places like Ocee and Warsaw, unincorporated communities that were wiped from the map by suburbia.   Despite there being historic but already lost communities with names here, it has a bland name of a trickle of water a few miles from my house.

I had to laugh last year when they held a “founder’s day” celebration – as if someone the year before had built a log cabin here and cleared the land.  Ah well, I guess every hamlet must start somewhere…

At any rate, I’d been planning to take part in Earth Hour for more than a week.  Not that there’s much to plan for, sitting in the darkness for an hour.  I shut off all my lights, all my electronics, etc.  I lit some candles and had time with my thoughts.  From 8pm to 9pm, I noticed the sounds of my neighbors houses, sounds normally drowned out by my own.  I realized what a din we live in even in Suburbia.  I noticed the lights bouncing off the clouds in the rain filled darkness.  And all I could feel is small, a tiny little blip sitting here with my flickering candles.

Here’s hoping others took part…

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