Temple to Kukulcan in the Yucatan - Chichen Itza

Mexico – Belize – And A Gift!

This may be old news for some but after a ton of to and fro, I finally selected a destination for my annual New Years wander!  And I think I’ve pretty much given up any secret on that one in the title of this post!  Yes, a partial re-tread as I’ve been to Mexico twice, but this time I’ll see a bit of Mexico City and central Mexico so plenty new to go around!

There were a lot of neat places under consideration.  For a time, I was sure I was going to fly into London for New Years (and although I’ve been there in January, it was well after New Years) and then work my way north to the Shetlands for Up Helly Aa. Then memories of the cold winter in Ireland started fluttering by my mind’s eye and it got a little less attractive. Certainly one day I’d love to do this, but I really wanted somewhere warm this time.  For a good period of time, I really thought I was finally going to go down under and see Australia and New Zealand, but the more I looked at airfare and other costs the more discouraged I became on that route.  Some day a definite, but apparently not yet.  For an even briefer period of time, I was thinking of Argentina, but I got more interested in seeing Mexico again and taking in a little more Central America.  It didn’t hurt that I could use frequent flyer miles to get there – SCORE!

Temple to Kukulcan in the Yucatan - Chichen Itza
Reason Enough to Return?

I fly out to Mexico City a couple days after Christmas, and for that leg of the tour I immediately join up with a small group tour heading in a roundabout way to Cancun.  I’m actually looking forward to seeing Mérida and Chichen Itza again.  Who knows I may even go back after the tour and spend some more time there.  Not sure as I’m doing my best to leave the rest of my time open.  After the two week tour I have a bit over three weeks before I fly out of Belize City for home.  There are definitely some places I want to get to in Belize and I’m also thinking of a trip into Guatemala to see Tikal.

So, I’m looking forward to a warm New Year!  Maybe I’ll flip back to layers and hats and gloves next year.  GRIN

And now for the gift part, for all my followers (whether we’ve been introduced or not) and friends, 25% off any purchase on my website print gallery between now and Christmas!  All my past promotions have been for specific prints, but I wanted to give you all a one use coupon as a gift.  So, if you’re interested, before ordering anything, send me an email and let me know you want a coupon and I’ll send it back to you!  Oh, if you’re in a currency other than US dollars (my site takes US and Candian Dollars, Euros, and Pounds), let me know what currency as the coupons are currency specific.  Thanks everyone for your continued support!

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