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Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

I’m cautiously optimistic about my knee. In the last week, I finally experienced some improvement again. When I first started physical therapy, there was definite improvement. I went from struggling up the stairs to dull yet constant pain. It was better than before, but better is still not well. The stall has lasted quite awhile, but last week, we changed up the exercises and started doing electro stimulation on my knee. Don’t know if it’s one or both of those or it was just time, but I found myself feeling better last week and that’s worth celebrating. Fingers crossed I’m finally on the way to being over this. My only outstanding question when I go back to the orthopedist in a few weeks for my check up is about the knee and how long we’re talking before something has to be done for that… I was too disappointed at not getting a definite answer about my problems to ask.

On less depressing sides of this thing we call life, I’m showing one of my atlanta photos as part of the Castleberry Hill art stroll next month, as part of Atlanta’s Urban Photography group.

Dusk Photo of the King and Queen Towers near Georgia 400 and I-285 in Atlanta Georgia
Checkmate – King and Queen Towers Print

Purchase PrintThe show is on July 20th, and a framed print of the King and Queen Towers will be available for sale. Will be nice for a little bit of exposure and all that and this is my favorite local shot so far, well known Atlanta landmark in Sandy Springs – the tallest towers in a suburban setting.

I’ll likely also submitting to the juried exhibition, Slow Exposures, I mentioned in my last post. I need to work on that one night this week. I’ve got a couple of definite choices for my four photos and a couple more to choose from. It’s not too late to help me out and choose your top four.

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  1. I think the “Bypassed Silver Gelatin” and “Jesus Saves” ones are pretty cool in a rural south way (well, to someone living up north anyway!)

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