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Never Ending Painting

The title of this one is somewhat tongue in cheek. Certainly had I been painting non-stop, I’d be done by now. But the humorous part is that observant people will remember when I broke my foot last year, I was doing what? Yes, painting!

And yes, the same room!

I wish the room were that big!

I’ve long had a habit of stop and go painting.

Mark a line in the sand and paint to it and then stop until I get the urge again. My lines in the sand are corners and other natural demarcations.

Still, this is unusual even for me!

One stopping point was obviously when I broke my foot. I mean, that was it for climbing up and down the ladder for several weeks at least.

But even when my foot was healed it still didn’t feel so hot. So, I made a few odd pushes at painting but never quite got there.

So, I’ve been purposefully avoiding eye contact for months with the dingy walls I have yet to touch. Kind of a game of peek-a-boo, I don’t see you!

Over the weekend, the urge to push forward finally came and my foot is probably about 95% normal at last. There’s still a little range of motion in that one toe that I may or may not get back but hey, no pain is nice!

So, up and down the deadly ladder again with my pail of paint And now I have more walls I can make eye contact with!

What a long strange painting journey this has been!

I’ll likely hit one last pause when I come full circle around the room. I have an awkward corner next to the fireplace that I foresee a couple of shelves and maybe a small cabinet. That idea has been on my mind for a long time because it’s kind of dead space otherwise. But I know myself well enough that painting aside, I’ll have to work up the gumption to figure out those angles and cut boards, etc.

Well, it will be worth it in the end.

Although the ladder and I are still barely on speaking terms about that missed step that sent me to the ER. it’s acting innocent – I know better!

Yes, I feel silly – too much paint fumes?


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