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Off To A Bang

Okay, to put things in perspective, it’s not the end of the world, not remotely, but I’m hoping that beginning the year with a weather-canceled street party is not indicative of where 2007 is going.

Summing up my return to the U.S. of A.

Nearly missed a tight connecting flight from Newark to Atlanta.  Barely got to the gate on time.

Flight delayed and ultimately canceled due to mechanical issues.

Arrived in Atlanta 6 hours late with luggage that had ultimately beat me back here but was mislaid by baggage folks.  Well, it happened to more than a hundred others.

Got home 24 hours after I woke up in Edinburgh and had a collapsed closet shelf and a laptop that apparently committed suicide due to neglect after two weeks – sniff!  Still under warranty….  At the shop every since I’ve been back.

Was supposed to get a laptop for my new position at work, it arrived DOA with a hard drive problem.  Still haven’t gotten it.

Spent most of Saturday trying to catch up (right now more or less doing old and new jobs).  Late in the afternoon, got in the car to get out for a bit, got a mile and could smell burning electronics and see a few puffs of smoke from steering column.  Turned around and went to a garage near the house.  Too late for them to do much more than verify I wasn’t about to burst into flames in their parking lot.  Left baby behind and came home.  Took most of today to verify that my multi-switch in the column burned itself out…  $$  Should get car back tomorrow if part comes from dealer…  No fun needing friends to taxi you about.

So, two dead laptops and now a car.  I’ve learned from my mistakes, vacations should never end…

I’ve a loaner laptop (read old and slow) from work, but I’ve been a non-entity online as a result.  I’ll catch up with my online life and work on my trip photos as soon as my Fujitsu is home.

Hope everyone else is having a better January 2007 than me!  😉

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