Street Photography - picture of people on London's Millennium Bridge

On The Horizon

I’m still working on photos from England in September and my next trip is literally on the horizon.  I’ll be in Costa Rica just a few days after Christmas, and in Nicaragua when the New Year rolls around.  I’ll accumulate more photos, so I really have to buckle down and finish with London already!  I know, harsh life I lead!  You all really have no idea how thankful I am that I have had the opportunity the last few years to see more of the world. It’s still only a taste of that wide huge world, and I hope a subset of many travels, but it’s more than many will ever get to do and I do appreciate that.

A couple of months later, and I already feel nostalgic looking at London photos.  A few minutes ago, I was looking at photos from Egypt, just now closing in on a year old, and the I felt the longing to see those places again.  It feels like a decade, not a year.

The trip to Costa Rica & Nicaragua is shaping up to be promising.  GAP Adventures has a web site with forums where one can post to chat with others on your trip.  So far, only three of us have posted, all into photography. That spells awesome to me!  Hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying that!

Anyway, on with some photos from the London album.   So, please check out the gallery for more.

Street Photography - picture of people on London's Millennium Bridge
London Vogue

This shot was taken on the Millennium foot bridge over the Thames.  It’s viewed from the direction of the south bank.   Iconic Saint Paul’s Cathedral dominates the skyline while.  I knelt here for a bit and took several shots, waiting for someone to hit the mark so to speak.  These two really made this photo for me, my favorite of the lot.

Photo of the beautiful modern architecture of London's City Hall
Sunny London City Hall

This was shot with my fisheye lens, which is exaggerating some of the lines a bit, but believe me, this is an impressive modern building.  You might expect London’s city offices to be in some centuries old building, but this is new millennium stuff here.  It’s a Norman Foster design and truly shows that London is still a city willing to take chances with the fabric of its ever growing and changing city.

London's Famous Tower Bridge in a warm glow with a plane flying over - very iconic
Uniquely London – Tower Bridge

I took a ton of shots of Tower Bridge bathed in the afternoon sun, but this is my favorite, the one where I had the good fortune of seeing a plane coming into view in the sky above.  This was the icing on the cake.

I do hope you’ll all check out the gallery and updates as I skipped a ton of shots, like one of Tower Bridge in the up position.  I had to laugh, 4th time in London and I had never seen the draw bridge up.  In one trip, I saw it no less than 3 times.  I was so jaded by it,I’m not sure I even took a photo the last time.  Also more red phone booths, London City Hall, Tate Modern, and the Millennium bridge.

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