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Roger Clyne – Turbo Ocho

First, I have to explain, because many may have no idea that my favorite band is a little band from Tempe, Arizona.  Roger Clyne led a band in the mid 90’s under the name, The Refreshments.  They had one big hit that most people who listened to music at the time would recognize if they heard it but I’ve yet to deliver the title and had Joe Public recognize it.

The Refreshments released two albums, and then had studio issues and split.  I never forgot the band, but I didn’t keep up with them for years.  I listened to those two albums and enjoyed the hell out of them.  Several years would go by and I would discover Roger and some other band members had put out two indy albums as Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers.  Not only that, they were coming to Atlanta for a show in two weeks.  I bought the albums without having heard more than a sample and got to listen to one before attending my first RCPM show.

I don’t consider myself a mega-fan.  I’m comfortably in the middle somewhere.  I’ve seen them at one of their twice yearly shows in Mexico.  I’ve followed them to South Carolina when they skipped Atlanta on their tour and I’ve seen them in Athens as well.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen them play at Smith’s Olde Bar.  I clearly like the band, but I haven’t followed them over half the country as some have.

That said, this past January, when I was engaged in my Lawrence of Arabia re-enactment, they got together in Rocky Point Mexico and recorded their latest album, Turbo Ocho.  At the end, they had a sold out show with the new work for those lucky fans who were able to go.

The album doesn’t actually come out for a bit yet.  The CD release party is in a week.  The album isn’t due to hit stores until April 29th.  The band is following in the footsteps of other bands, however, and the album is available for download and you can name your own price.

A great opportunity for someone who wants to give them a try.  I’m listening to the album for about the third time now.  Still don’t have a review to offer.  I can say it’s familiar for those who are fans of the band.  I don’t know how to describe RCPM otherwise.  Southwest USA… Mexico meets American Rock… Just go listen!

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