Spotify is Annoying

I’ve tried to like Spotify, and I suppose as a service where I can listen to new music – i.e. try before buying, it works but beyond that I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. I find it about as user friendly as a rash.

Half the time when I listen to music in my library, it decides to stream its copy (so that I have to listen to ads – duh), so I have to go to painstaking effort to be sure it’s playing my files.

I have a long-standing problem with the Facebook feature where a friend is listening to something, i.e. John Doe is listening to… If I click on the link, it opens Spotify but nothing happens once I’m there. I think it may be a Mac problem because the others I’ve encountered who have the same issue are on Macs. I guess I could try a PC but it’s not THAT important to me (and it’s obviously not important to Spotify since the problem has been on their support forum for months now with no answer or request for information).

Still, I tried to like it and just now, I was listening and went to an album I wanted to play in my files. First it showed a track missing.. uhm… no, that one is old enough I have the CD and everything on it… I finally plunder around enough to find it showing as a separate album with the same name and artist, just a little orphan on it’s own. I manage to make it accept that they are the same album. I played along a bit aggravated but victorious. Then I decide to stick another album in the queue for some variety..  and again, it shows two missing tracks… oh sure, I can stream their versions, but I HAVE these tracks. I look in my folder, yep they’re there. I go back and this time, it’s another orphan deal, but they are not showing up with the same album title. This time it thinks two songs from an old INXS album are from a 2011 remaster album?! No, they certainly aren’t and why do you think the rest are from a different album? Nothing I could do would remarry those files to the right album. Editing them showed the right album. The Gracenote feature thinks they are from that album and even something as relatively simple as dragging them to the right album did nada.

Sorry Spotify, you are relegated to an app I open to listen to new music and nothing else. Anything is superior to this mess. I just wish would share scrobbles with Facebook. That would make my day. I could listen to the player of my choosing and friends who are actually interested would know what I’m listening to at the moment. So, if you’re one of those friends who’s interested enough, join or if you’re already there,  friend me.

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