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Tiny Texas Houses – Essay Contest

Texas Tiny House - Unique Tiny HousesAh, now this is a contest I wish I could enter! It should be obvious that I have a real soft spot for small houses of course and although I may not have mentioned it, I love the style of old homes. We’ve also covered before I like the idea of re-using things. And Tiny Texas Houses uses genuinely old materials! To me, that appeals to both the side of me that loves old styles well as the greener side of me. Bravo!

I’ve only seen photos of the work that Tiny Texas Houses do but from afar I’m impressed. These are not just small homes, these are works of art. Look at the level of detail that go into these little houses. I think you’ll see why I’ve been lusting after their work from a distance.

Interior Details of the Tiny Texas Worker House:

There’s just a genuine feeling of their homes (not just this one), being some place that has been there for years. And by nature of their using recycled materials, you can bet there won’t be another exactly like this one.

I won’t rehash all the details of the contest entry – you can find those on their page, but to win, you have to submit $50 and a 300 word essay on the topic of How having a tiny house could change your life. Of course, you’ll need somewhere to put the house AND you need to be able to pay the cost of getting it to you. I have seen some people griping about the entry fee and transportation and am shocked! This is not a giant corporation offering a freebie. And you certainly can’t expect them to transport a house across the country to you! At any rate, just for entering, you’ll get a copy of the plans and an e-book they’re about to release. So, you’re getting something for your money even if you don’t win.

So if I think it’s such a great thing, why aren’t I entering you may be wondering? Well unfortunately the details of having somewhere to put it never mind the cost of getting it here are not small issues., If it were near to me and/or I had a place to put it, I would absolutely enter for my chance at a tiny house that like a piece of art, is one of a kind!

A few more pictures:

If you’re looking for something unique, particularly if you’re in or near Texas, I’d definitely check out the work that Tiny Texas Houses is doing. And I feel their houses are inspirational even to those of us who may not be in the market just now. I hope their contest has a lot of entries! Leave a comment if you’re entering and definitely remember to let me know if you found out here and won – I’d be really proud to have made that connection!

You can find the full details here:


  1. These homes are AWESOME …. Brad is a genuinely kewl guy … I have looked @ Straw bale homes, log homes, adobe homes, rammed earth homes, rasta block homes and these by far fit the bill for what I want have on our ground in both western Arizona and eastern Utah … There are others out there that claim to be "green", but what I have seen of them and of TTH …. These are the greenest your gunna get and still be portable … Enter the contest , win the home and help spread the message in your neck of the world ….

    1. Jeff, I've been watching these houses for awhile but this was the first time I touched bases with Brad. I agree, he seems like a really nice guy with a genuine interest in the subject. Very impressed from my brief exchange with him via email this evening!

      If I had a place to put it and the money to get it there, I would totally throw in my $50. I'm tempted just for the book and plans.

      My blog doesn't have the volume to get this out to a ton of people, but I figure every link pointing to this contest helps get it noticed. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon and all that.


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