California Coastal Lighthouse Art by Mark E Tisdale

Tomorrow Is Never Promised

I posted this to my Facebook page tonight where the folks have only been wondering where I’ve been for a day or two. Any actual readers of my blog have probably wondered that for far longer. I need to do a real update sometime but the following at least hits the most important point in my life right now.

California Coastal Lighthouse Art by Mark E Tisdale
Coastal Light

I’m sorry for being so silent the past few days but it’s amazing how suddenly life can take a turn. On Thursday my father had a stroke. My mom and I have spent the past several days (which feels more like a week) trying to get a grasp on things. The silver lining in it all is how far medicine has come. They were able to remove the clot the next morning at Grady Hospital in Atlanta. And we’re now in a wait and see pattern to determine physically what he is going to recover but mentally he is still there. He can talk with some effort and has even cracked jokes through it all. It’s heart wrenching to see a loved one lying in a hospital bed, but getting to know he’s still there is a comfort and a ray of hope for things to come.

And in the when it rains it pours column, my car decided this was the perfect time to go kaput between here and Atlanta. Without all the other stress and closer to home, it wouldn’t be quite as upsetting, but I suppose this too shall pass. But I have to say, if you’ve ever thought you’d like a print or a card or you have a friend complaining about their bare walls, please remember me. 🙂 You have no idea how much I hate to even say that but I have precious little time to beat the drum right now as I’m rarely still for long…

Thanks and take care all and hug your loved ones! You literally never know what may happen!

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