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Where Does Time Go?

Not down the drain I hope!

Having a reflective moment, so deal with it.

Yesterday, I notice that there are new students at my tiny little high school and bop into to see who. Turns out to be someone I knew of but didn’t really know. A few years ahead, he dated a sister of one of my classmates. The point to this is I bounce over to see who it is because the name doesn’t immediately trigger anything until I get there. And I see the a comment on his page from his daughter who is a senior in high school! EEP! That’s right, I suddenly remember, they did end up with a kid straight out of school… oh man… I’m that old… or close to that old… which is enough…

A similar conversation came up when I was getting comics at Chris’ the other day and the topic of age came up. I commented, truthfully, that it took a lifetime to get to 25, but the years since have flown past in the blink of an eye.

And then I get home to find some music I ordered off of Amazon sitting on the stoop. The first to hit my CD drive, is a best of collection. The only time I buy those is when I decide to get music from the cassette years. So, here I sit, feeling old, listening to punk music from the Godfathers. And the kicker, the collection, which includes music I listened to in high school, is decade old as well….


I kept looking for this one everytime I went to the UK. They were (are?) a Brit punk band after all. Nada. I finally caved and ordered it.

Long work week. Several 12 hour days. And I know I have to go in with my team for awhile on Sunday to try to catch up. Granted, I’m lucky because I know there aren’t a lot of professional jobs that pay overtime, but it still gets old fast.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler but sunny, and since Sunday is work, I’m getting out and enjoying my freedom! If time is going down the drain, I intend to swim upstream!

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