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Drifting Along

Home for a few days, being Mother’s day weekend and all.

I’d seen the stories about the wild fires in south Georgia for a good while now but hadn’t thought a lot about the magnitude until I woke up this morning to smoke filled streets. Now, we’re more than a 100 miles away and we are coated in smoke… wow… Has decidedly cut down on the desire to be outside.

Still, I spent a good chunk of the day out there. I needed new brake pads and, as I discovered, a new caliper. I’m by no means a grease monkey, but with a touch of guidance from my Dad, I can get some stuff like this done. It is like a puzzle of bolts to remove and put back together. My brain works well on that. And yes, I’m a cheap skate. If I can do it, I’d rather do it than pay someone else. There will be plenty of time when I’m 80 to let people do for me.

That done, I did some work around the house, planted a planter of mint and catnip for Mom and drifted into a lazy evening. It’s funny that the plants were almost as expensive as the planter. Wow!

I also today, watched the last episode of Life On Mars. I realize I may be coming to the table late on this one, but WOW, what an incredible series. Just fantastic. It’s been quite awhile since I found myself so riveted to a TV show. The ending was just phenomenal. I won’t give it away. Find it and watch it yourself. If you get BBC America, the first episode airs on May 26th. The general premise is that a police officer from 2006 is in an accident and when he wakes up, he’s a police officer in 1973. His struggle to understand what’s going on while trying to fit into life in a different time is the heart of an incredible show with an awesome cast.

Apparently, there will be another series from the creators of Life on Mars featuring some of the same characters. I can’t imagine it living up to this show, but it would be awesome if it does!

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