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The Brevity Of Life

Yvonne, Jimmy, and Mike Lewis

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1949 – My Mom’s sister, Yvonne Wilson Lewis (1922-2007) with her sons, Jimmy (1942-2000) and Mike Lewis (born 1944).

Today I was on the phone for a long conference call and two times I saw my folks # pop up under my home line. When the call finally ended, I went downstairs to check the machine. My Mom said it was nothing and she’d call back later, but that sixth sense you have when you know someone, I could tell something wasn’t right. So, I called straight back.

Mom’s the baby in her family by a good bit. One of her sisters, Yvonne, has been in the nursing home for around 4 or 5 years. This morning she passed away at 85 years old.

I have been back in the scanning and cleaning up phase of the family pictures, but working more on the really old ones. Today, I skipped ahead and did this one that I found the other day of Aunt Yvonne. You look at this photo of a young mother and it seems like a heartbeat ago.

This is life, no matter how long it is, it’s so unbelievably brief..

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