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Had an awful headache this evening but three tylenols and a lot of water later and it’s subsided quite a bit.

Finished the last of my Superboy Comics this morning over breakfast. Pulled out my own collection last night and discovered that I only duplicated one issue in the purchase, and for 50 cents a pop not a big deal. I think I may have to work on filling some of the holes in the collection. I was really surprised how much 20 year old comics could still entertain me. Maybe it was just the nostalgia bit, who knows, but it left me wanting more.

Transformers: Car Robots premiers this Saturday morning at 8am here in the ATL area. After that it’s on Saturdays at that same disgustingly early time and on weekdays at 2:30pm??? What group are they aiming this at?? Kids that have stay at home parental units and aren’t school age? Oh well, I guess I’ll gear up the VCR for it this week.

Spent the evening paying bills and balancing my check book. SHOULD have done that before DragonCon, but I think it would have been too scary! Ah well, the only good thing about all the OT I had to pull at work was that it helped offset the expenses of the Con. Still, I hope I have at least a few weeks of coming home when I’m supposed to and all that fun stuff. I’d rather have time to plop on the couch and see some of this new-fangled TV stuff I’ve been hearing so much about than have money to burn, no time to do it, and no clue what my friends or pets look like.

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