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Nearly bed time. Been pleasantly quiet at work which is nice for a change. I couldn’t handle the slow pace as a rule, but I’m not going to cry over it either for a bit.

Got home around 4:30pm today and caught up with my mom on the phone. I think it had been well over a week since we’d talked. She caught me up on what various family members are up to and the plans she and one of her nieces are hatching to have some sort of family reunion for us, her sister’s families and their families and hopefully some of her paternal cousins. The suggestion was for Lake Eufaula next June. Gives them a year to put it together! I enjoyed our Johnston reunion there last Fall. Though it wasn’t the most well-attended of our reunions (I think it was more the season than the locale, Auburn football season is hard on mom’s family to gather), I still really liked Lake Eufaula and the “cabin” we rented. It had most of the amenities you expect, but no TV, radio, or clocks. Oddly the last thing was the hardest for me to come to grips with. I don’t wear a watch, but that’s because at any given time, there’s ALWAYS a clock nearby in normal life. At any rate, for a family gathering or quiet contemplation, great place to go!

Afterwards pulled some leftovers from the freezer and had a quick light dinner before walking for 45 minutes. It had been awhile since my evening was so leisurely. When I got back, I did a little tiny bit of yard work that I had been neglecting. Now if I can just remember to go out and spray some miracle grow on my plants tomorrow night when it’s my side of the street’s turn to water again. Of course, my luck, it’ll rain cats and dogs last night as it did much of last weekend.

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