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Just cooling down from an hour long walk tonight.

It’s been an uneventful day. I set the alarm to get up in time this morning to jumble through my VHS tapes and find one that didn’t have anything on it or nothing I wanted to keep at least so I could start recording Transformers: Robots in Disguise (heh, note earlier post where I referred to it as “Car Robots” from it’s Japansese origins). Anyway, recorded it. Not a lot to say. I’m hoping further into the series it gets more entertaining. I had way too many questions as I watched it. What kind of leader takes a little kid from his home (without his mom even knowing where he is) into a battle zone???? Why did he even need Koji to be there? Are the people editing this going to try to tie it into what went before at all or is this definitely going to be a free-standing series? I’m still finding it more entertaining than Beast Machines, but not by a lot. As I said, hopefully if I give it time…

Afterwards I ended up going back to sleep for a couple of hours. I just wasn’t awake enough to merit staying up when I could sleep late today. And after I got up, I got ready and went into “town” to get my bi-weekly dose of comics. I think my fav of the batch was Part 2 of Superman-Batman: Generations II. Apparently there was an earlier series with the same premise I need to dig out sometime. It’s basically an elseworlds sort of deal where we get stories of super-heroes where they grow old overtime, have kids who grow into super-careers of their own, etc. It’s been very entertaining. It reminds me of some stories I used to read as a child where they would flash into the future to a married Lois and Clark who had super-powered kids, etc. Or the stories of Batman and Superman’s sons fighting crime together, etc. I think the former appearred in Superman Family or something like that and the latter was in World’s Finest issues. Anyway, very neat series!

I got some new plants for my aquarium and a couple of new fish. It’s looking very nice. I’m still enjoying my aquatic world in the living room. I think I may end up getting a very small aquarium for my desk at work, maybe stock it with a couple of dwarf african frogs – aka “swimming frogs.”

Well, that wraps up another entertaining day in my world!

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