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What do you say about today?? I don’t think that I or any of us will forget the attacks on New York and DC today. I’ve felt like I was living in a dream all day. We all sat around today and listened to CNN’s audio feed on my computer and tried to fathom what was happenning. Reports kept coming in and changing as the day passed. It was like a ghost town when I left the office this afternoon. Where I normally wade through traffic to get home (even on my short commute, around 5pm it can be ugly), I was home shortly. I talked to my Mom on the phone to see what she had heard and what was going on. We would both fall silent every so often as new reports came in. Except for the odd photo at work, I hadn’t managed to see any of the visuals.

It’s so hard to imagine what could move someone to do these things. Wars that involve military are easier to understand, maybe hard to fathom on some intellectual level but certainly easier to grasp than people who would kill thousands of people who did nothing but go to work at their office, get on a plane, or arrive to do their job fighting fires or protecting citizens…

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