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Just finished my walk this evening and am now guzzling water.

Not much new at work today, which isn’t per se a bad thing. The rest of this week may be a little busier than last but not a big deal I suppose.

I bought back cookies and brownies for my team, our Technical Consultants, and for a manager who had asked me to buy her some after the last time I bought some to work. These are from the “Mennonite Restaurant” back home, also known among our locals as Yoder’s. Everyone always raves over them. It’s a nice gesture in my opinion. Now, if I could just ever learn to cook so well.

Got to discussing movies, sci fi, and Halloween haunted houses with some co-workers and didn’t leave the office as early as I could have this afternoon. As a result, didn’t feel like going by the grocery store so just warmed up something for dinner tonight. And after going to the trouble to figure out something to cook and make a quick shopping list for a couple of things. Oh well, maybe later!

I just remembered what’s coming next month, the annual Scottish Highland Games at Stone Mountain! I went the first two years I was here but skipped last year because I was still in the midst of getting situated in my new home. I think I painted that weekend! Anyway, I think I’ll have to make a stab at going this year!

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