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Not much news today at all. Got back to Atlanta just before rush hour hit and got me and the cats settled back in. The fish were very glad to see me as the weekend feed was all but gone.

I tried out a little of the furniture cleaner that I got from an antique shop back home. Seems to do a good job. We’ll see if it’s like the lemon oil I’d used in the past that just dries out after a few days. Supposedly this stuff gives back the oils and moisture that old wood furniture is lacking. You can definitely tell a difference where I applied it and where I didn’t. And it appeared to pull off some of the built up wax and such. There was a haze on my drawers near the knobs (probably where peoples hands have touched the wood for 60+ years) that seems to have come off now. I didn’t feel up to doing all of the furniture or even finishing one piece this evening. So, we’ll have to see about that another day this week.

Afterwards I watched a couple of episodes of Transformers: Robots In Disguise that had actually aired Friday/Monday. Woohoo!!! Very silly compared to the more serious TF stuff that went before but it’s kinda light-hearted. I’m sort of enjoying it.

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