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Ooooohhhhhoohhhhh my achin feet!

But I had fun!

After work today, I came home, changed clothes, and drove down to the North Springs MARTA station to catch a train downtown for Downtown Rocks and the chance to see Cake FREEEE BABBBYYY!!!

Awesome concert and now I feel semi-moved to buy their new album sometime. There were a couple of good songs on it. It was a little hard reconciling the band on stage with the music at first. I don’t know any nice way to put it but the band is not exactly an image band. The first 20 minutes I kept thinking how much the lead singer looked like one of my dad’s good friends from my childhood years (now sadly no longer with us, both the friend and my childhood!). But once they started rolling out some songs I really liked I just kind of forgot it all. Had a great time – WAY TO GO 99X!! And the ride back wasn’t half bad. Crowded as hell, and I’m sure people complained, but I’ve seen MARTA so much worse after a trivial game or concert or some such that it’s amazing how much better they can do when they actually PLAN. So, most improved award to MARTA!


This is all probably going to sound weird considering it’s getting close to 6 years since I lived in Montezuma. Okay, there was a month in there between grad school and moving here, but for all intents and purposes, I’ve not been a resident of that fair city since the fall of 1996 when I trucked my hoarde of belongings to Auburn, AL, a place I would hate for the first few mos but gradually come to truly enjoy. I rarely feel nostalgia about Auburn, however. As much as I enjoyed some of that time (which is good considering all I have otherwise to show is student loan debt), I know it would never be the same if I went back. But I digress… This isn’t about the Loveliest Village on the Plains. This is about Montezuma, GA, the town in which I grew from a wee babe to a shy and awkward young man. And for the last week, I’ve felt some strange homesickness I never really felt before. When I had the chance to stay in that area and work in Americus after grad school, did I seize it? No, when I got an offer in Atlanta, which meant struggling more at first than I would have back home, I took it. And close to four years later, my life is pretty good. I have a few really good friends. I have a home of my own close to work. My job is enjoyable for the most part and I feel like there are opportunities always on the horizon… So, why homesickness now? I don’t know…. I honestly don’t know… This is especially true considering in my nearly 25 years in Montezuma, I never really felt like I fit in there or that I was in any true sense part of the community. Sure, everyone knew who I was, but I didn’t really care. And I always believed if I moved to a bigger place, surely life would be better. And I guess it is richer in some respects. Certainly, I wouldn’t have many nights like tonight back home. I woudn’t know some of the people I know. But in ways, maybe I’ll never fit in anywhere and life could be just as sweet in a little house in Montezuma? Who knows? Would I ever try to find out? I don’t know… Sigh, some days I just want to go home, but I’m not sure I ever will.

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