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Making it Happen

Well, I’ve spent enough time talking about the possibilities of the New Year. I just registered for a writing class that’s part of Emory’s Lifetime Learning program, i.e. continuing education. I waffled back and forth. There were a couple of classes in which I was interested. I was going to choose a course on magazine feature writing, but as it happens (and I was about to register for the class before it struck me) this class is a daytime class… Awwwww!

So, ultimately, I decided to try Imaginative Writing: Unblocking the Writer Within. It’s a six session course on Wednesdays that’s aimed at prompt writing (i.e. here’s a subject, a word, a phrase or something that is to prompt the writing). This is not unlike the free online course I took and from which I felt I benefited. Some of the other courses had loftier goals than I have at this time, i.e. beginning novels and the like. I’m not sure I’m a novelist in the raw. I’m not sure (yet) that I have the staying power to churn out books. I’ve always concentrated on smaller pieces. Yet, a few friends I used to write to in those halcyon days before e-mail would not doubt that I have the ability to churn out a small book. I almost signed up for two courses, but then I began to ponder whether or not I was taking on too much at once. Would I be so overwhelmed that I didn’t really receive anything from the experience? Better, I think, to start small and discover that I can (and wish) to do more.

There are, of course, a few nerves. Largely I’m looking forward to the experience. It is supposed to be a small class, which I’ve always preferred. And then there’s the silly geek issue – Wednesday night is when new comics arrive each week. I’ll miss hanging out with all the regulars for awhile, but I will, of course, survive the experience.

Please wish me luck!

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