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Family Time

Spent the evening over in Lilburn with Brian (my cousin) and Kelly (his GF). This was our nearly annual Christmas get together. This year I brought along National Lampoons’ Christmas Vacation. For me, this is tradition. I don’t know when I began watching this each and every year, but eventually I had to own it on DVD just to insure that a year does not go by that I miss it. This year, Brian & Kelly joined this tradition. Neither had seen the movie in years, which is just this side of blasphemy in my book. Good times!

I think they both enjoyed their gift, and I certainly enjoyed getting a new memory card for my camera. I can definitely use this on my pending trip to Edinburgh! The scary thing is I kept thinking to myself that I needed to order one or find one somewhere and kept forgetting. Meanwhile, I was getting it as a gift! I can never decide whether I’m psychic, psycho, or both.

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