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Wow, I haven’t posted a thing since I’ve been back!

I think I’m getting close to being back to normal here. I spent time with the parents back home my second weekend back. I was entirely lazy. Normally, I tend to go home and work on some project or do something that requires getting off my butt. Not this time, other than a brief trip to Americus to pick up the digital pictures I had printed, I really didn’t leave the house. I read a lot and spent time with the folks. I also slept late both Saturday and especially Sunday, so I feel like I may finally be back on this time zone.

It’s hard to tell, though, as I haven’t gotten to work before 9am since I’ve been back! I’ve normally been in at least an hour earlier than that. Not lately. Part of it is that I’m working with a new group in my department that’s developing the next generation of the tech that people in our department will be using. I’m sort of in that guinea pig group at the moment. It’s a very nice change of pace to my life – something new at last! But, it seems to be a later arriving group by and large. The team I worked with before, who all had long distances to get to work in rush hour, tended to beat me in by an hour or so. I felt a tad bit more pressure (not from my team-mates just the circumstance) as a result to be there earlier. Now, that pressure is gone, and as I’m still learning the ropes, it even makes a bit more sense to come in later.

Next week, I’ll probably at least get in early on Wednesday. That’s the first day of my writing class at Emory! I don’t know what traffic is going to be like. As I’m heading inside the perimeter, might not be so good. I know the general area as I used to live not that far from Emory, and afternoon traffic to my apartment from here was craptastic. I figure if I’m wrong and get there particulary early, I’ll find somewhere nearby for dinner.

As I said, I spent a lot of the weekend reading. In part, this was a pile of comics both from last week and the back-log from when I was out of town! I also got Chris to order several of the Starman Trade paperbacks. I had hoped to get them before I left on my trip, but as I jettisoned several books before I left in interest of lightening the load, this wasn’t really a problem. I already had the first four collected volumes. I’ve now read the next three – that leaves a couple more to go until I’ve finished the series. All I can really say is “Wow!” This is another series that started and very nearly finished during my haitus from comics. I hate that I missed this series when it was new. Even though I can read the trades, it’s only during the wait between various volumes that I truly get the sense of suspense that I would have enjoyed from month to month. This series has boasted some skilful storytellers both in the writing and the art. You truly come to know Jack, the reluctant hero, the larger cast of characters who enter and exit the pages of the book, and the larger character, Opal City, Starman’s home, itself. I have to say even though I haven’t completed the entire storyline yet, I truly recommend it!

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