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Wow, I don’t feel so well. Sore throat, slight cough. Woke up at like 4:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep… I felt like I had enough, but I knew it wasn’t true. I felt practically asleep all after noon – i.e. trouble focusing on anything. At least I went to work early (since I was up), so I was out earlier…

Then ran by Staples to get a new shredder. Mine died Sunday. I’m on one of my clean the house sprees. I’ve put a few things on e-bay and (part of e-bay anyway) that I don’t want but hate to toss. I’ll have some comics to put on there too – probably in lots so that hopefully some one will buy a handful to get one that they want. Anyway, they had a good deal on a shredder that was nearly half off between in-store discount and rebate.

Spent the evening alternating between shredding and reading my assignments for creative writing. I don’t think I can wait until the last minute like I did in college. That was a time when I had so few responsibilties, no “real” job, etc. I’ve finished the reading. Now, I still need to do the writing part… hopefully at lunch tomorrow and tomorrow night. There’s still lunch Wednesday, but that’s pushing it further out that I want to. I also haven’t written anything in my class journal in a couple of days. I have some things I thought about writing that I can still put in there post-fact at least. This coming weekend, I’ll have to devote some time to class work instead of putting off like I did this weekend.

Saturday, I just sat here and listened to the sleet and freezing rain and read (personal enjoyment reading). Sunday was the cleaning-out-the-house bug. I also got out just a little after feeling trapped in by the ice the day before.

Before I forget, another article up at Boots-n-all! Go here to read it!

Better get some sleep now!

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