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Okay, this was a craptastic weekend. About mid-way through last week, I felt like my cold was improving. In fact, by Friday, all the sore throat was gone as well as most of the stuffiness, but I had a THROBBING sinus headache all day. It felt like baby elephants were trying to erupt from my cheeckbones. I resolved if it didn’t improve by Monday, I’d call the doctor.

Saturday, it was MUCH worse. I have a feeling I understand why they use to think people were possessed by demons. I would have suspected as much about myself the way the phlegm was flying yesterday. The baby elephants had drills now. I didn’t leave the house.

I barely left the upstairs all day. The only thing I did accomplish was sitting on the floor with a box of tissues and a pile of comics to file. Now that I’ve sorted through the 2 years of issues, and merged it with the preceding 30 years of comics (dang close to that long!), I don’t want to do that again, ever. Okay, that’s pie in the sky, but it is a major hassle when you just want to file a few weeks of comics. So, I pulled out only the series that I’m currently collecting, which is still quite a few. I filed all the old series and minis in the big boxes and buried them at the back. Current series stayed forward in easier to handle boxes. Now, this is still a lot, when you consider that some of the longer running titles such as Action Comics and Batman, etc. still go back 30+ years… I guess I could have put a date cut-off for the current boxes, but I’ll try that some other time. At least it’s all done. For the first time, well, ever I think, everything is filed.

Today, I woke up feeling mostly better. The sinuses feel like they cleared. I was majorly worried that I had a severe infection, but I’m doubting it now. The drainage, though, has roughed up the throat again.

Today was a very leisurely day. After lunch, I did a tiny amount of shopping. Then I came home and did the taxes – I had the final form I was waiting for show up yesterday. I like how life works, I made more money this year and got even less back. Well, danged if that’s not incentive to work harder! I’d already upped my charitable contributions this past year, now I feel like giving more – I’d rather give it to charity than the government!

Anyway, that was about it. I went out one more time. I had to mail a package for a book that I sold on – getting rid of some college texts if I can (I’ll donate them to charity if they don’t sell). I’ve also started listing some comics on e-bay that I don’t want anymore. I’m am trying to clear out some stuff in my packed house, but what I’m selling versus what I’m keeping makes that statement laughable.

Clothes in the dryer. Until they’re done, I’ll be reading my assignment for class this week. Meant to go out and do some people-watching this weekend (one of our assignments), but it’ll have to be after work Monday or Tuesday. Yesterday, any people watching would have involved them watching me do gross things.

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