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Sinus infection is finally feeling under control. Saw the doctor a couple of days ago and got checked out. It was a sinus infection, as I suspected. Funny how I made it though around 27 years without ever having one of these, and in the time since I’ve moved to Atlanta, I’ve had four… still not often enough, I guess, to be considered a chronic condition, but my doc did send me to get x-rays of my head to review. My dad, who I heard this coming from before he said it, told me that the doctor won’t find anyting – . I go back to see him next week.

Still the difference between last night and today was palpable. Last night when I got back from class, my head was throbbing and I literally cried for a couple of minutes. I read e-mail, sent a fast reply to my cousin, Aimee, and then went to bed. I woke up (an hour late) this morning and felt like a human again. My head didn’t feel like it was giving birth to something large anymore and, I could, believe it or not, breathe through my nose again! Yayyyy!! Sometimes, it really is the little things in life.

As I mentioned, have heard from one of my cousins recently. We’ve all been growing further apart since the locus of the family ended with our grandmother. I guess Brian and I, living a short distance apart now, are probably the only ones who see each other much. So, I was surprised to get a note with pictures from her life in Massachusetts. Found out that she and her husband might move to Atlanta in the future. Wow, that would be something, like a third of the grandkids living so far from home in the same place. I’m the closest to where I grew up in geography, but it feels a million miles away from home.

I still struggle on a daily basis with feelings that this isn’t my place or life. I don’t know what to do with those feelings. Act on them? How? Would I really be happier? My job doesn’t kill me at the moment, which is a great change. I’m still doubtful that this is what I want to be doing as the years roll by, but even not driving me to distraction is an improvment. But there’s the side of me that really just wants a way, an excuse, a reason, to travel. I want to experience more than I am here. The ideal would be, of course, a job that either required or allowed travel. The first is self-explanatory, the second would be more along the lines of a job that didn’t tie me to a place but allowed me to work in a mobile mode. Suggestions welcome…

Another Doctor’s appt this afternoon – dermatologist, not connected to the days of sinus pain luckily.

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