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Sitting in traffic this morning, it occured to me how much the traffic in Atlanta has to say about the lives we lead. Even in the short five mile commute to work, there are people constantly jockeying for position. People who can’t wait their turn at the light, cut through parking lots to get ahead. It’s all part of the corporate lifestyle – people fighting for their little piece of the American dream. If it means I have to squash you to get it, I will, don’t worry.

So, the morning rush hour is it an allegory for the rest of life here, or just the morning warm-up?

And is this my typical winter doldrums or are the drums beating for me to do something different with my life? I’ve toyed with career changes, and in my mind’s eye at least, all the corp jobs sound so much like what I do now that I have to wonder why bother? Add time to my commute? Subtract time from my life each day? Just so I can go to the same job that doesn’t mean anything to me in another building?

If not that, then what?

Ah, that’s the question. And I have this disturbing feeling the answer is 42

Seriously, a lot of thoughts have rambled through my mind on this topic. I have considered writing (still an idea) or maybe owning my own business or some combo there-of. I guess I really want anything that involves me more, that involves my having to think, to put forth some creativity. I don’t know what the path is yet for this journey. I took the first step by taking a class and trying something different, but I still need to figure out where those next foot-steps should land. Hopefully not in a murky swamp somewhere.

Yesterday was my six year anniversary at work… I have been here pretty much eight times longer than anywhere else I’ve worked. I technically worked for Auburn as a teaching assitant for two years, but when you consider the vague amount of work that required, it wasn’t really work at all.

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