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Spring is Coming?

Came home from work today determined to get in some outside time and exercise. I really feel like spring is coming just because I got to wear shorts outside! It was a little cool with the wind, but after ten or fifteen minutes, that feeling passed.

While I was home, it was close to 80 degrees. Hard to believe that a mere 100+ miles can make this much difference, but this time of the year, it’s a phenomenal difference. I came back to the same gray days I left, but enriched by a couple of sunny days.

And while I walked here today, I got to see tons of daffodils in bloom. My own daylillies have started pushing their new green leaves out of the straw. I know nicer weather is around the bend and I’ll be able to get back to my regular schedule of exercise. I burned out on the treadmill a couple of months ago. It didn’t matter what music I listened to, I just couldn’t stare at the same wall anymore. It’s nice to have to supplement in the spring/summer when the weather doesn’t cooperate, but I just can’t do it five or more days a week like I can when walking outside.

I’ve been poking around a little online today to find out about opportunities to sell photos on line. Found a site where you can upload your files and people can buy them. You retain copyrights and all that and the company behind the site takes care of the printing/shipping. It’s based on commission. So, once I figure out how it all works, I think I’ll try putting on some of my nicer trip photos and maybe some other stuff that I took/will take. Even if I only make a little, I own the camera, and in this case, it doesn’t cost me anything to try. I’ve gotten encouragment from everyone who’s looked at my photos. Maybe I’ll even break down and take a class someday.

I’m also working on polishing a few pieces I’ve written, not just travel articles. I hope to use them as examples of my work. I want to find someplace online where I can get in some practice of writing on a regular schedule. The experience is two-fold, as it gets me accustome to turning out work and it lets me see if it’s really something I’d want to do long term. So, if someone is reading this who wants to give me a chance. It’s easy enough to contact me. I found out that Boots-N-All is putting up another article I wrote. This one will be about my visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral. I’ll post something when it’s up on their site.

Yesterday, I read a Travel Blog at AJC about travel fears and posted in response to it – didn’t say a lot but included a link to one of my articles on Boots-N-All. Got a fairly good response from one of the AJC writers! Wooohoo!

Right now sitting here listening to a couple of songs from a band called Falcon Five-O. I found out abou them through the RCPM board months and months ago. Half paid attention to someone’s recommendation for them, but didn’t think anything about it until I happened to come across them on My Space. So, listened to a few songs, REALLY liked them and ordered their latest CD… And waited… and waited… hmmm… So, I sent an e-mail to the band, as the company that distributed their CD’s didn’t bother to reply to any of my questions. They literally cut ties with them the same day I e-mailed them about the problem and are now distributing the CD’s themselves. Wow – talk about action! They also told me that they’ll send me the CD I ordered free (the company that was doing the distribution at least never charged me for it either – but everytime I went to their site, gave no reason for why it hadn’t shipped – just showed the order pending…). So, even without having heard the whole CD, the band has a big thumbs up from me!

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