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A Vampire Weekend Out of Season

I spent the day doing some website maintenance. Funny, I thought I was going to do some house cleaning. Coincidence or procrastination? Hmmm….

Anyway, while I was chained to the laptop, I finally caught up to the latest podcast at Have You Heard – a fairly new but swift growing local podcast. The folks doing it are local, the music calendar is local, but the music, is diverse in location and taste. There have been several bands added to my myspace friends list to keep up with, but today I made my first purchase as a result.

I pretty much suck at music reviews – I just know when I like something, and the song played on the latest podcast for a band called Vampire Weekend, appealed to me. I popped by their website and listened to some more and then splurged the $7.99 for the album at amazon. I’ve listened to it for several hours now and absolutely no buyers remorse. Anything I can listen to this many times straight is definitely road worthy!

Give the band a listen, and give Have You Heard a listen as well – even if Vampire Weekend isn’t your cup of tea, I think you’ll find something along the way that does it for you.

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation, and I’m so glad to find a photo/travel blog rich in thought and vision. Your pieces are carefully composed and exquisitely colored.

    I’m glad you find the show entertaining, and I hope you will continue to listen. Perhaps we can be one of many anchors to your physical home as your wanderlust pushes you to capture the world as you see it.

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