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Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Kroger

Almost two weeks ago, I was having my pre-op for the surgery.   The hospital is down the street in Duluth, but the opposite direction I usually go to shop and all.  That morning, I stopped by the Kroger coming from that direction instead.  It’s a slightly older and less remodeled Kroger than the mammoth one nearer to me.  The interesting thing was as I came in, they had big band music playing out over the store.  I thought it was unusual but figured maybe they had music timed to the customers they expected during the work day, i.e. retired.  As I wandered the store digging those classics, I stumbled past the deli and saw a pile of gray hairs filling the area and stopped to see they were all playing bingo.  Apparently I’d stumbled onto some local club type deal.  Not sure exactly, but it was interesting. I so seldom see any signs of community here in the bland burbs.

The two weeks since has whirled past and I’ve been pretty silent of late.

The surgery was exhausting, but it was nice having my Mom up here and my Aunt & Uncle came over and spent some time as well.  I’ve lived so long without that immediacy  to family contact that I’ve forgotten what that’s like.  I spent labor day weekend with my parents and have been back here since.  I’m two days from having the stitches out and I feel fairly good minus the itching.   I look forward to being really on my feet again.

I’ve had several restless nights, waking up in the wee hours.  This is uncommon, but it’s also rare for me to just spend day after day sitting around.  Last night was a migraine or sinus headache in the wee hours…  Wow…  I’ll take just not being able to sleep over that any day.  I had a friend who suggested it was a weather front passing.  Not sure.

But I decided today at lunch to get out of the house for a bit.  I decided to go to the same Kroger because they have a Moe’s next door where I could get lunch.  Two birds (shopping) and lunch with one drive.  As I hobbled through Kroger, I noticed no big band music, but I was nearly out the door before I realized they were playing 80’s music.   While not my favorite music, it was the soundtrack of part of my younger years nonetheless and I was totally able to ignore it for 10 minutes?  Not sure what that says…

Counting the days to these stitches coming out…

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