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DragonCon X

Spidey Disco
Spidey Disco

In honor of what would have been my 10th consecutive DragonCon.

I’m not heart broken at having missed it. If I had wanted to go bad enough, I would have delayed surgery on my foot. I wasn’t excited about going this year and had yet to even purchase tickets when the surgery was planned two weeks ago.

The bone chip in a joint in my foot turned out to be a bone spur. I’m still not entirely sure how the fall a month ago precipitated all this. The bone spur had been forming there a long, long time, and apparently was a big impediment to the proper functioning of my foot. I look forward to seeing the difference once the foot is unbandaged and the stitches are out…

I actually took this over a week ago, playing with my camera and my uber poseable Spidey figure.

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