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Carrying A Chip On My Foot??

It’s interesting, this year I just had not managed to drum up any excitement that DragonCon was on its way. This would be my 10th straight DragonCon. I’ve never missed one since moving into the Atlanta area. And every year has also been an opportunity to see Brandy and share some geeky times together.

I’ve kept waffling for months. I’d finally gotten to a point of thinking maybe I’d do a one day pass sometime during the weekend once I had a look at the schedule.

So, yesterday, I had the follow up with the doc about my ankle. Feels much better but I still have a twinge when I flex my ankle in either extreme. You might say, “then don’t do it,” but it’s one of those things that you do when you walk, even sometimes just sitting still. Could I live with it? I suppose, but it’s not fun and I hopefully have many years left ahead of me.

This is the bone chip the x-rays showed. When I point to the spot that hurts, it’s precisely the same location. Now, the fun thing is, this is not part of my recent ankle injury exactly. The bone chip appears to have been there. However, it appears the fall may have moved it as now even with the swelling gone, it’s still needling away at me.

One word… surgery…

It’s outpatient and it’s scheduled for Friday, August 31st, the Friday DragonCon starts. So, I’m definitely skipping this year now.

My Mom is going to come up to go with me and drive me back home that day. Then we’ll probably go home Saturday and spend the rest of the long weekend there.

It’s apparently a very minor surgery, but never having been on the operating table before, it’s a bit daunting. So, I’m very glad my Mom is able to come up and be here.

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  1. It’s too bad you have to miss Dragoncon this year, but there is still next year and the surgery will be worth it.

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