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Doing It The Hard Way

This past Saturday was the first time in ages that I’ve gotten out with my camera.  It really has been that long.  I came back from Egypt and less than a month later made a quick weekend dash to Boston as part of a business trip. I came back and edited photos until April.  Can I say again that Egypt was SO WORTH IT.  A trip of a lifetime.  An incredible place and people.  And yes, I said it again without permission.  So sorry!

I digress (as usual, you know me).

Anyway, months have passed with only a few minor camera moments.  Much else has been on my mind.

Sunday, I had to go over Marietta way in the afternoon to pick up a print that was in a show.  So, I figured why not get out in the morning?  I drove way out to Douglassville to check out Sweetwater Creek State Park.  I’d seen some photos of the ruins there that looked interesting and there’s some walking trails.  Sounded nice.

And it was for the most part, but I can tell the knee is going to have to be seen to before long.  Steps are not my friend.  The trail starts out innocent enough.  The worst part was a handful of bridges that required stairs.  And there are lots of small falls and rapids to keep one amused.  It was also not yet scorchingly hot.

So, even after I had passed the really cool ruins of a mill burned during the civil war, I kept going.  The path began getting more treacherous.  Probably not as much so if you have two good knees and you don’t have  a camera bag over one shoulder and a tripod over the other.  But if you fit that description, it’s a little harrowing.  My knee complained much, but I want credit for not falling or stumbling.  I may not have broken any land speed records, but I maneuvered over every rocky outcropping…

Even those I didn’t have to.  That’s when I realized that I tend to take the path of most resistance.  It’s not like I’m looking for adventure or want to cross bulky rocks.  I just sometimes don’t map out what’s the better way and fling myself forward.  I guess it makes life interesting, but I’m still not sure how I feel about that revelation!

I’m not sure how long the walk was in distance, but in time, I was there nearly 3 hours.  At the end, I went to check out the snazzy newish “environmentally friendly” welcome center.  My goal was a very small one. I wanted a refrigerator magnet.  This is something that started on my trips abroad but I’ve since added to my visits to Georgia Parks, a magnet is a nice small memento.  And they had none.  They had t-shirts and hats and books and stuffed animals, but no magnets.  I asked and they said they’d have them next time…  hmmm… maybe the fall…  Those rolling waters and some fall color could be nice…

I’ve yet to edit a single photo from this trip…

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