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London – Again?

Yep, I’m going to the Old City on the Thames once more. I never thought I’d say, “going to London, again.” As if there’s something old hat about it.

I just really need some time off from work, and well, feeling financially stupid at the moment, so last night, I booked a good fare to London. I had thought about a few possibilities, including

  1. Rome (too expensive from this point onward)
  2. Road Trip to Mexico (RCPM concert in mid-May plus I’ve long wanted to drive out west)
  3. Just spending time with the parents
  4. London (the Winner)

So, London worked out, but I’ll spend some time with the folks, too. I leave for London after work on Wednesday the 18th. And I’m not coming back to work until the Tuesday after Memorial Day (the 31st). That’s 7 days vacation, but what’s it for if you don’t use it? I actually get back to the states mid-week of the prior week and I plan to just drive straight from the airport home to see the folks for a few days of post-trip recuperation.

So, there you have it.

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