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What Was I thinking & Miscellany

Today, I decided on a whim to try out one of Georgia’s Scenic Byways, which I’d recently discovered. The one I took goes up through Helen & Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s highest elevation. Now, the weather here is chilly today. So, I’m lucky I threw a sweater in my bag, because the weather in the mountains was just plain brrrrrr. I drove along the scenic trail and popped out for quite a few pictures. Some decent, but the higher up I got, the less clear the horizon was. I’m sure it would be much nicer on a clearer day. I definitely want to go back up there after spring/summer has actually arrived. There was actually still some snow along the trail to the top of Brasstown Bald.

And this was the point where I realized I wasn’t thinking straight. I got to the parking area, clad only in my sweater and jeans. There is a courtesy shuttle (for $2) to the top, but I had missed it and would have to wait a few minutes, and then I’m somewhat cheap anyway. So, I decided I could hoof it the top. Ohmigod, I don’t remember such a strenuous workout in my life. It was only a little over half a mile, but by the top, I felt like my eyes had bulged out of my sockets. I was breathing the thin cold air in with large gulps. I could hear the air escaping in bursts. Near the end of the ascent, I passed two people coming down – one helpfully told me it was nearly over. I must have looked like I would collapse without encouragment. I guess walking 4 miles a day on average doesn’t equal up to one sudden ascent at 4,784 feet. This is almost making me re-think that trip to Machu Picchu that I want to make one day. Ears popping and exhaustion does not sound like a vacation.

Speaking of vacations, I’m still very much undecided. I have no question that I need to take some time off of work in the next month or I’m just going to pop. Friday, I had all but decided that next month, I would go to London again. I could find flights for the last full week in May for about $500 – and then the seats at that rate ran out. Bummer… So, Saturday, I reverted to my once upon a time scheme to drive out west, specifically to see RCPM in Mexico in mid-May. Even though I could fly out way cheaper, I had decided to leave mid-week before and make a fast jaunt out, and then take the whole following week off for a leisurely descent back to real life. And then I started second-thinking it. I mean, I would spend more on gas and overnight accomodations on this trip than going to London, even at a slightly higher rate than originally planned on. I checked, and I can still find flights for around $600. I found a decent rate at the same hostel I stayed in last time. So, why can’t I decide?

What’s option 3? You knew someone like me who over-thinks everything had more options right? That’s taking a full week off work (plus memorial day) and spending some time at home with the folks. I have some projects around the house that need finishing, and I could make time to do some sight-seeing in warmer climates in central and southern Georgia. Save some money that I could use on some projects here, like that wood floor I want to put down in my dining room, eh?

Which will it be? I swear, I’ll have to toss a coin to decide at this rate…

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