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Maybe The Foot Formerly Known as Broken Needed Benign Neglect?

I could spend a ton of time boring you with stories of phone tag with the doctor’s office, but I’ll cut it short and sweet. There was a brief game of phone tag trying to get some more details and then silence on the other end. I don’t know whether I was forgotten about or ignored, but neither is particularly satisfying.

Rather than obsessing over that issue, some good news. With great irony, the darn thing is beginning to feel better. I had a few days in a row without any twinges of pain or soreness. I hesitated to say much about it for fear of jinxing it. Then I had a day I over-did it a little followed by a rainy day (aches), but today back to feeling better. I had mentioned the aches when it rains in the doctor’s office and he wasn’t surprised. And arthritis is rather common in my family. I can live with an ache or two on rainy days if it’s not every day anytime soon!

So, the million dollar question is did I just need more time? Or my other pet theory is that I was unconsciously still treating it with kid gloves and not giving it a chance to get back to normal. Once I knew the bone had healed properly, the psychological block was gone and I started putting more weight on that side of my foot perhaps and worked out the kinks? Or some exotic combination of the above?

Who knows! But I’m optimistic now. The soreness is mostly gone and feels better day by day, so I’m just going to move on with the assumption that all is well unless some sort of alarm bells go off. Hopefully I’m speeding towards getting back to what we call normal.

Maybe I can soon throw a dart at the map and figure out something to do besides sitting at the computer and uploading art to my Fine Art America account? One hopes! I’m sure I’ve accomplished more than I might have otherwise, but that doesn’t prevent one from going stir crazy, eh?

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