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Anticlimactic Answer is Anticlimactic

It took almost a week to find out about my foot. Last Wednesday I had more x-rays and a test to check on the possibility of gout to explain why I still have a good deal of soreness nearly three months after breaking my foot.

Before I get into specifics, I have to say I’m very much someone who likes my expectations to be clear. If you tell me to expect X on Y day. I really want X on Y day. If you tell me it’ll be today and it’s a week later, I get antsy. I wouldn’t have gotten antsy if my expectations had been set for it to take a week. When I had my x-rays, I was told I’d likely hear something that afternoon and to keep my cell phone with me. I rarely have my cell phone on these days. So, yes, I had called a couple of times trying to find out what was up. I wouldn’t have had I been told it could be a week. I hate pestering people, but I equally hate feeling as if I’ve been forgotten.

I digress…. I finally got a call back this evening. And the answer is I tested negative for gout and my broken bone has healed fine… hmmm… okay… I have a mixture of feelings about this. I’m quite happy not to have gout and I’m ecstatic not to have a re-broken bone or poorly healed fracture. But I didn’t go in for confirmation of a clean bill of health. I went in because my foot still hurts. If it really is a matter of simply needing time, I’d like it in a bit more black and white than that. The x-ray tech even commented on how red my toe still looked.

Perhaps it really is as simple as grin and bear it awhile longer and smooth sailing is on the other side, but I’d like a bit more clarity in that message. Roughly how much longer before I inquire again? It feels much as if I slammed my foot in a door a week ago. That is that same dull ache as if there’s still bruised tissue. Normal three months after breaking it?

I conveyed that message and we’ll see how long it takes to get any feedback…

…frustrating is the word for the day…

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