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No Threes Please

Today was back to find out the results of the MRI.

Has anyone ever gotten a concrete answer from these things or is just me?

Well, I’ve got good news anyway.  I have not torn or broken anything.  Tendons all intact.  Bones mostly intact.  It appears, and the x-ray showed this, that I did chip a bone but not this time.  Apparently some injury I don’t remember that may have come back to haunt me.

I actually have pain in two places, one is the site of the aforementioned chipped bone.  It’s possible it has moved.  It’s also possible it’s just because of the swelling.  If it’s moved to a place that now causes me trouble, then I will have to have outpatient (minor) surgery to remove it.  The jury is out on that one.  It’s funny.  When my Mom had ankle surgery, she wanted local not general anesthesia and I did not understand it.  I still don’t think I could bear to hear the saws and drills and such even if I couldn’t feel it.  But in this case, for something realitvely minor, I want to be awake.  That was my first question in fact..  Anyway, who knows yet if that will happen.

The rest of the pain?  It’s possible I’ve damaged a nerve.  That’s what the doctor thinks given that all else is well.  That’s a time thing.  Apparently it could take up to a year.  My first thought was a year in the boot!  EEK!  But he tells me given that I have not torn or damaged tendons, etc., I will most likely shed it next week when I see him again.

I got a shot of magic juice into my ankle that should kill some pain and reduce the swelling.  I can already feel a little improvement tonight.  I just want to make sure we do what we can to fix things where I’m not back in a month or two when the shot wears off…  My achilles is so tight, I still suspect I’ll be in physical therapy again… wow…

So, if things come in groups, please let my group of two be enough – three is not necessary!

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