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The Magic Of Stardust

A few weeks ago, I sat in a theater and watched a trailer for a film called Stardust, and I resolved to see it for a very silly reason. Granted much that is good has stood on nonsensical ground, my grounds were that much of the on location photography was filmed in beautiful Scotland. Much appears to have been, in fact, captured on paths I trod myself, on the beautiful Isle of Skye.

Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye

And look at that scenery! Is it any question why a fantasy story would be filmed in such a land?

I found out after seeing the trailer that Stardust was based on a story by Neil Gaiman. At the time, I wondered why I had not read what I presumed to be a graphic novel, by him. It was, in fact, apparently an actual novel. Other than his Vertigo work, I’ve only read a book of short stories. Such is my loss, and I must rectify it soon.

The movie was, in my opinion, fantastic. It was, like much of Gaiman’s work, populated by characters that were every bit as living and breathing as you and I. They had quirks, strengths, and foibles. Even characters who were the back drop to the main ones had their own personalities.

I’ve heard said that there are no new stories, that through out our history on this world we’ve told them all. And that may well be true. The heart of this fantasy, like so many fantasies, is a love story. And like so many of our lives and the stories we weave, sometimes what we want at the outset, and what we want at the end are entirely different things. Familiar plots or not, in the hands of a great story teller, they can still be a wonderful thing.

There are some grusome scenes like the fairy tales of old, but some of the worst is implied off screen, but I think based on my opinion and the giggles and oohs and ahhs in the theater, that this film is great for the young and old and that forever young heart in us all.

Go see it – tell me what you thought.

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