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Somedays I’m 12 Years Old

So, I do my usual wait for the crowds to disperse and run up the street to Kroger because the pantry is nearing bare. Only, they have been doing road work, I kid you not, on State Bridge Road for over three years. At last in the end stages, but of course, they’ve got a lane blocked right in front of Kroger. Hang with me, this is going somewhere.

I turn off my street onto State Bridge a few blocks below this narrowing lane with a car behind me. It’s not new, it’s no kind of cool in my book, but it’s got the tripped out rims and such. It’s not even cool enough to be a rice burner. It’s just got aspirations.

And it’s dogging my bumper and trying to pass me before the lane dies down to one lane. And what do I do?

I step on the gas and waste god knows what amount of money (precious fuel) just to keep the rat behind me.

Yes, this is adulthood… for a 12 year old…

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